MOTÖRHEAD – Another Perfect Day [Deluxe Expanded Edition]

MOTÖRHEAD - Another Perfect Day [Deluxe Expanded Edition]


Sanctuary Records
Release date: May 16, 2006

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In 1983, one year after the release of the successful Iron Fist, came a really difficult period for the loudest and nastiest band in the world … Eddie “Fast” Clarke felt that the Motörhead roller coaster was going too fast for him, so he made the decision to step off. He went on and formed Fastway together with UFO bassist Pete Way. The decision to break up never crossed the minds of Lemmy and Phil “Philthy Animal.”

The new guitarist that took Eddie’s place was Brian Robertson, who has been with Thin Lizzy and Wild Horses. So, could Brian adapt and join the dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll Motörhead machine? The answer was definitely affirmative, because not only did he adapt in the band, he also brought in a breathe of fresh air and opened new musical horizons.

Lemmy’s trademark bass guitar sound opens for the first song of the album, “Back at the Funny Farm,” which bears the classic Motörhead sound. The first encounter with Brian’s guitar leaves a sweet flavor, slowly clearing the clouds that had gathered the moment he took Eddie’s place. “Shine” was the first single off the album, and comes with a groovy and mid-tempo rhythm section, along with some very good guitar solos. Brian’s finishing touch can be found in “Dancing on Your Grave,” as it leans towards melody with a Rock attitude, while remaining on the classic Motörhead performing path.

The song “Rock It” really isn’t something special apart from the Lemmy bass guitar solo, but then there is the live classic “One Track Mind.” This is one of the grooviest Motörhead songs, comprising a solid-as-hell bass guitar riff and Lemmy’s tormenting harsh voice that no one can ever reproduce or copy. Next, there are the Bluesy and homonymous track “Another Perfect Day” and “Marching off to War,” where the tempo gets a little bit faster.

“I Got Mine” reminds that something is different in Motörhead’s sound, namely the slower tempo and the Rock orientation of the songs. “Tales of Glory” adds nothing new, while “Die You Bastard!” is a link to the past with Animal’s fast and distinct drum work. The album closes with the single’s B-side, “Turn You Around Again,” that has Lemmy’s signature on it when it comes to the rhythm section.

Like all the rest of the deluxe editions, the pack comes with a bonus CD that is the band’s live performance at Manchester Apollo in June of 1983. Although Brian Robertson stayed with the band just for this album, he managed to blend in and adapt; this is proven in the bonus CD where Brian’s performance remains at a high level during the new and the old songs.

Well, this isn’t the best Motörhead album, but on the other hand it is an important part of the band’s long history, with some classic songs and a little bit different sound due to the new guitarist. Thankfully, the band continues to produce very good albums and the most important thing is they still play live in front of their dedicated fans!


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