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Release date: June 14, 2005

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Canadian born Blues-Rock guitarist Pat Travers is something of a “Rock Warrior,” while at the same time being a “Rock Survivor.” While the average music fan has probably never heard of him, music aficionados, on the other hand, consider him somewhat of an icon. In the larger scheme of things, i.e., “Mass Market Appeal,” even after thirty years of being in the business, Travers has never scored a “Top 40 Radio Hit” (especially in the States where even the minority of the music buyers only remember him for his classic 1979 Go For What You Know live rendition of “Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)”), yet he continues to push on … being the “warrior” he is.

Even so, Travers is still “surviving” and manages to record new releases, so there has to be some unseen force out there, perhaps underground, which continues to buy his records. Needless to say, to these fans he remains one of the Blues’ and Rock’s most underrated guitarists of modern times. The man is also responsible for introducing Metalheadz to two of Rock’s most notable drummers (Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake) and Niko McBrain (Iron Maiden)). After releasing a joint release with skins man Carmine Appice in 2004, 2005 sees a new Pat Travers solo effort in PT=MC², whereby Travers captures the glory of his earlier years.

The first striking thing to catch your attention is the foreword, written by Travers himself, inside the CD’s liner notes. It’s here that Travers proclaims his “renewed enthusiasm and sense of fun” in regards to playing, and his growing strength of “power and feeling” with regards to his singing. With such a bold sense of stated accomplishment, surely all of his fans stand to gain the most from his new found strength and vigor, and not surprisingly, they do with this new release.

This CD is a “front loaded” CD where the first three tracks are easily the most accessible and stand to be the clear-cut favorites. Of these three, the opener, “Elijah” (named after Pat’s own son), is clearly the most commercial. This track contains the catchiest chorus on the release with Pat’s own wife, Monica, supplying endearing female backup vocals. All of this is filled with Travers’ trademark fills and two attention grabbing guitar solos. Travers has an unrivaled ability to take a seemingly commercial track and add a convincing “balls-kicking” solo to it. The second track, “Won’t Play That Game,” is more of a Rock versus Blues entry, which is delivered in classic Travers fashion. The track is replete with a fat guitar sound and a wah-wah based guitar-slinging solo. Track three, “Something’s Gotta Give,” starts with a heavy, buzz saw guitar rhythm, and is another track that leans more towards Rock than Blues.

Travers did most of the writing on the album, but, in some areas, had some help. “Take Me To The Pilot” is an Elton John cover with help on backing vocals from his wife Monica and daughter Amanda. The track is a mid-tempo Bluesy-rocker, with an almost Soul vibe to it. “Can We Forget” was a ballad co-penned with Journey’s Jonathan Cain, who also plays keys and provides backing vocals on the track. “Can’t Escape The Fire” and “I Don’t Care” were actually co-penned with Carmine Appice and versions of these songs debuted on their It Takes A Lot Of Balls release, with “I Don’t Care” being the guitar heavier of the two. Then, of course, there’s Traver’s rendition of Vince Guaraldi’s “Linus & Lucy.” This track, along with “My Peach Pie,” displays Travers’ own stated “sense of fun.”

Looking at the photograph portrayed on the cover of PT=MC², it’s no denying that “Professor Travers” is back to teach kids a thing or two about Blues-Rock music. Throughout the release, Travers’ guitar cuts and swathes … making its presence known on all tracks. The release runs the gamut from Melodic Rock to Blues-Rock to pure Blues. For fans of Radioactive through School Of Hard Knocks-era Travers, this release is a no brainer must buy for your collection.


Pat Travers – Guitar, Vocals, Production
Rick Navarro – Bass, Vocals
Eric Frates – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Sean Shannon – Drums on “Can We Forget”
Monica Travers – Backing Vocals on “Take Me To The Pilot” and “Elijah”
Amanda Travers – Backing Vocals on “Take Me To The Pilot”
Jonathan Cain – Keyboards and Backing Vocals on “Can We Forget”


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