TRAVERS & APPICE – It Takes A Lot Of Balls

TRAVERS & APPICE - It Takes A Lot Of Balls


Release date: October 26, 2004

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Two true legends, guitarist Pat Travers and drummer Carmine Appice, have joined forces to record It Takes A Lot Of Balls, along with TM Stevens on bass. We all know these guys have plenty of balls on display beforehand, and this album sounds like they had a lot fun making it.

Carmine Appice has been keeping himself busy the last couple of years with the return of Vanilla Fudge, last seen touring Europe this Spring. Pat Travers, also, is on a never ending tour with his Power Blues-trio.

In between everything else, they have taken time to record It Takes A Lot Of Balls . The album sounds like it has been recorded almost live, and it has a very pure, energetic, and raw edge to it. Pat Travers’ guitar sound comes through like a dream, and Carmine is enjoying himself a lot behind his Leopard-drumkit, as usual.

Of course, Carmine Appice has played better in his heyday; but at age 57 he can still pull it off. The same can be said about Pat Travers, at age 50. The best moment on It Takes A Lot Of Balls is “Stand Up,” which contains plenty of great 70/s guitarhooks and drumbreaks. Pure pleasure.

Why TM Stevens is not a part of the name of this project remains to be told. He is indeed an important part of this album, and he even sings on the funky “Gotta Have Ya,” which shows a different side of the more Blues-oriented Power Rock that the rest of the album offers.

The three guys have probably had a ball in recording this, and it all adds up to be a pretty charming effort from the old rockers. You/re never too old to rock/n’roll, you know. Just look at Carmine Appice behind his Leopard-drums, looking as he always did.


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