AUDREY HORNE (Live, Release Party)

At Last Train, Oslo, Norway, April 15, 2005

Hitting it off hard with ”Blackhearted Visions,” the small venue of Last Train in Oslo nearly exploded. Over the last 20 years, Last Train is and has been one of Oslo’s most famous rock pubs, but it only holds 100 people. It was hot and steamy inside, a packed joint and lots of people with high expectations.

Audrey Horne posters currently hang all over the city of Oslo, and interviews with the band can be found in every other newspaper … so a lot was hanging on this one gig. Can they play as well as they sound on their debut album No Hay Banda?

The bass was a little too loud in the beginning, which almost drowned vocals, but after just a little while, this problem was adjusted and everyone seemed to handle the fact that there was too much noise and too little space … because the act on stage was just ravishing!

Whether or not the singer matches the band or the band matches the music didn’t really matter much, because these guys can play and the singer can sing simply anything. Hearing the CD might make you think that they have fixed a lot on his voice, but, in fact, the man can rapidly change from singing, talking, whispering, and screaming in no time! And it all sounds freakin’ wicked!! He does look like he is about to strain a blood vessel or two, but, hey, it’s rock ’n’ roll, so you gotta give it your all, right?!!

And luckily for Torschie, the singer, his backup singer, Herbrand, also playing keyboards, manages to sing as loud, so whatever flaws may be on the lead vocals he covers.

With two guitar players and one bass, there was always action on this small stage. Arve, on lead guitars, came up front for some solos a couple of times, but mostly the three were standing together headbanging and giving us some real in-your-face Hard Rock.

The audience didn’t really take to the music, but instead seemed almost spellbound staring at the band. This was one of the first times the band played their new music to a live audience, so no one knew the lyrics or anything, but everyone seemed to enjoy and praised the band after they played. The band mingled with the audience, writing autographs and seemed to be content with the response.

Initially, the singer was saying he ironically had read some reviews that said Audrey Horne belongs in a big stadium and not in a small club. Eventually this dream just might come true for Audrey Horne!


  1. Blackhearted Visions
  2. Get a Rope
  3. Deathhorse
  4. Confessions & Alcohol
  5. Dead
  6. Weightless
  7. Bleed
  8. Candystore


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