DOPPLER, INC. – Nu Instrumetal

DOPPLER, INC. - Nu Instrumetal


Favored Nations
Release date: April 5, 2005

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There is an interesting evolution taking place on the guitar front. Looking back into the eighties, the kings-of-shred once battled amongst each other to be the guitarist-elite. They laid down blistering solo after blistering solo in what seemed like a never-ending chase to be the fastest guitarist on the planet. Then Paul Gilbert took plectrum to electric drill, and voila, the whole need for speed was given the tongue-in-check dose of absurdity that it needed.

Now a few years deep into the twenty-first century, where even the most mundane guitarists are fairly well-versed in their instruments, the gauntlet seems once again to have been thrown for the title of “Guitar God!” Only now, there is a new regalia, not one of speed and licks but of songwriting and performance. Rising to the challenge with his first ever Favored Nations release, Nu Instrumetal, is San Francisco denizen, Doug Doppler and his band, Doppler, Inc. The first-rate title illustrates the genre and capitalizes on the NuMetal movement.

Doppler, an obvious understudy of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, doesn’t leave the “world of shred” forgotten in obscurity. There is no shortage of dazzling, axe-slinging heroics on board to get those disciples of shred salivating, but there is an undeniable “hit song” quality here that never quite materializes on most instrumental releases. Doppler’s secret ingredient for success is producer/songwriter Peter Karr. Karr has worked with some big names that have flooded the airwaves over the last few years: Michael Bolton, Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Love Hewitt — names that wouldn’t exactly seem to go hand-in-hand with someone like Doppler. He plays music in the vein of Korn, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, and Exodus, but this unlikely duo make it work in a fresh and invigorating way, making Nu Instrumetal one of the most exciting releases in recent months.

The overall Doppler sound is that of a heavy-based guitar band, with catchy melody and lots of experimental sounds. From robotic retro to New Age nuances, Doppler, Inc. seems to have created a sound that is very “now” and yet very “tomorrow.” Doppler, Inc. features the solid drumming of Atmar Anur and more blazing guitar by Steve Sarina. Uriah Duffy holds down the low end, and if you’re not familiar with Duffy, you soon will be; he has, as of this writing, taken up the bass spot in Whitesnake. Legendary big-bottom-boys Billy Sheehan and Stu Hamm make guest appearances on this CD, as does one-time Night Ranger/Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Brad Gillis.

Now remember kids, it isn’t instrumental … it’s Instrumetal … and its Nu to you. Witness the evolution of the breed, the six-string wayfarer as he ventures into uncharted ground. Today a whisper and tomorrow an icon, get Doppler, Inc. and you can say you heard it when …!


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