ADEMA – Planets

ADEMA - Planets


Release date: April 5, 2005

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Adema is back with their third album called Planets, and it was released in April 2005. This album is a love it or hate it type of project, since the band not only has changed their music style, but also got a new kid on the block in vocalist Luke Caraccioli along with a new label, Earache Records.

After the departure of former vocalist Mark Chavez, the half-brother of Korn/s Jonathan Davis, the band left the NuMetal genre in favor of the Pop/Rock genre. May not be the cleverest thing they could have done in trying to become this Modern Rock group seeking Pop acceptance. It is possible that they will loose some of their former NuMetal fans, but hopefully for the band they will get some additional Pop/Rock fans. One drawback, however – Adema has become an average Garage Rock band, trying too hard to make it!!!

Most of the tracks on this album are much slower and softer than the old Adema albums, with a couple of exceptions. “Until Now” and “Vikraphone” are two songs that include some up-tempo material. The rest of the CD is a plod along the Power level of rock songs. “Barricades In Time” and “Rise Above,” two slower tracks, are very radio friendly, but they are missing some real emotional edge and the good rock attitude.

This Caraccioli dude, the new vocalist, is not comparable to Chavez at all. They are in two different worlds, and Chavez is the better one. It’s not that Caraccioli has a bad voice … he sings in just a midrange vocal, and in some of the songs he sounds like he is dying of boredom. His voice just lacks the energy that is needed in these types of songs.

In conclusion, the music is a bit more Melodic than before, with a small touch of the old Adema elements present, but mostly too hidden behind the commercial Pop image. All in all, the music lacks the right balance between the heavier and softer parts.

Adema will be heading out on a worldwide tour starting this Spring. In early April they will play for USA troops in the Persian Gulf region. Following that, the band will tour the USA, UK, and other parts of Europe.


Luke Caraccioli – vocalist
Tim Fluckey – guitars
Dave De Roo – bass
Kris Kohls – drums


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