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Release date: March 24, 2005

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Heartland may be one of the best rock bands out there now. Their 9th album called Move On was released in April 2005, and it is a complete masterpiece, with very nice and honest AOR music. As the title says, the band has moved on … this album is more hard-edged than their other albums.

It’s hard to explain why this CD is a winner, as nothing they do is really ground-breaking or overly technical, but the fact is they can make such solid, straightforward rock songs that sound absolutely wonderful time and time again. This is an album every AOR fan must have in their collection. Heartland gambles on a total package in this release — they cover it all with Classic Rock songs, up-tempo songs, mid-tempo songs, ballads, and even one instrumental track. A honest, chilling mix of beauty and destruction, with searing guitar and sonic bass at top that builds up to an attack, then breaks down and rebuilds again.

The key figures in Heartland are Chris Ousey (vocals) and Steve Morris (guitar, producer), which both have much experience from bands like Wirgina Wolf, Monroe, and Deep Purple. Those two soulmates recorded most of the album in the UK, with the exception of some time and help from Tommy Hansen of Jailhouse Studios in Denmark. Hansen also mixed the album and supervised the musicians involved in Denmark.

The first track, “Hard Hearted Man,” sets the standard for the rest of the album. Chris Ousey sings like a king, his voice shows a great melodic feeling, and Steve Morris plays his guitar through the best solos and he demonstrates nice technical riffs. In the song called “Redemption” (instrumental), Morris really shows what a great guitarist he is.

“City Of Light” is at least on par with the first song. Here the listener can really feel the harmony in Ousey’s voice. This is an up-tempo song that wakes the dancing queen inside. Along with the track called “Where Do We Go From Here,” these two songs are absolutely the most notable highlights on this album. Standout elements are the always-present guitars that fill the songs with epic proportions, and the vocals that spill emotion with every breath, making each song a unique journey into the band’s imagination.

Move On showcases Chris Ousey’s lazy, dreamy vocal style, and gentle guitar strums by Mr. Morris, matched perfectly by the laid-back bass lines and typical easy-going drumming, but the band occasionally goes off into heavily distorted riffing and much more powerful overall playing. No matter what course they choose, Heartland never comes up short; they are one of those bands that make the puzzle called “music” today fit together perfectly as one solid piece that screams for everyone’s attention. Maybe they will win some hearts this time around, and will appeal to a much larger audience some day soon.


Chris Ousey – vocals
Steve Morris – guitars
Mathias Gregersen – bass
Rasmus Dueldal – drums
Bjarne T. Holm – drums


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