LOST AT LAST – Heavy Metal 6-Pack

LOST AT LAST - Heavy Metal 6-Pack


Lost At Last
Release date: March 22, 2005

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This band really seems to have it all figured out. Their website is smashing, it’s easy to find and buy their music and cool apparel on the internet, and their style and new album, with the coolest title of Heavy Metal 6-Pack, even includes a promo video of the song “Hey You!” If all this doesn’t make you go “wow!” then who knows what will.

Seems the only thing they forgot to think about was the production of the album, because, so sorry to say, it sucks!

Even if they have a kick-in-the-balls sound to their music, it just doesn’t help when the quality of the CD is so crappy that you just can’t play it loud.

This is a less famous band from Bergen on the West coast of Norway, that has self-proclaimed themselves as “The Best Heavy Metal Band in the World,” and you just have to give them credit for trying. The band now consists of Tony King on guitar and vocals, Rock Demon on bass and vocals, Mr. Evil Heinemeyer on guitar and vocals, and now they have managed to get the drummer from the famous Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band to join in. He calls himself by the name Metal Jack and he is the only one in the band that doesn’t sing … or at least on this album he doesn’t.

They may fall into your preference if you like bands like AC/DC, Judas Priest, Turbonegro, or The Carburetors, which all focus more on the guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums, and having fun on stage, rather than perfecting the music.

You just have to give them kudos for their great marketing plan, and hopefully they sound better live than on CD. At least they have been booked themselves to play a lot of gigs for the rest of the year.


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