BEYOND THE FLESH – What The Mind Perceives

BEYOND THE FLESH - What The Mind Perceives


Screaming Ferret Records
Release date: March 25, 2005

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This album starts out as solid, yet not particularly distinctive Death Metal. In fact, the first four tracks basically rip by before one even realizes the band has started another song. This situation, fortunately, is rectified later in the record, starting with “Wasteland.” The song is ushered in by an exotic guitar lead and swishing cymbals reminiscent of Metallica’s classic thrasher “Wherever I May Roam.” Vocalist Justin Leary, who apparently does both the high and low vocals, since nobody else is credited with singing, employs a harsh whisper that adds to the song’s haunting effect.

Following “Wasteland” is another killer, “Darkest Days,” whose crowd-friendly call and response-style chorus is sure to get any half tanked Metal crowd shouting and punching their fists in the air.

The title track closes the set, reiterating the whispered vocals, and, after a few moments of utter silence, fades out with a somber instrumental piece that is probably the closest a guitar will ever get to writing a eulogy.

All in all, Beyond the Flesh has good chops and the ability to write songs that have a little more form than the utter chaos some bands try to pass off as music these days. However, there is a downside, mainly in the production area. The drums are a little overwhelming in the mix, yet sound somewhat muddy. The vocals are set up pretty well, and the guitars come through solid and crunchy during the riffs, but get a little thin during the lead breaks. Toning down the bottom end and beefing up the solos might could have lent more balance to the band’s sound, but overall a decent effort.

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