At Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, March 19, 2005

Backstreet Girls, who are one of Norway’s biggest rock names, have been playing on every rock stage available in Oslo, and at last they entered Rockefeller. They are known as brave knights with endless energy, and with absolute certain expression, they have fired their attitude as voluntary rock ‘n’ roll prisoners for many years now. Backstreet Girls have their 21th anniversary this year, and they are still going strong! Their music is simply high-octane rock ‘n’ roll.

With enthusiasm and a furious “lets destroy this place” attitude, they performed songs which are rare in Black Boogie-Rock. They entered the stage like AC/DC’s tough nephews, and they gave the audience some great songs from their more than 20 years in the music business repertoire. Surprisingly, the concert was not sold out, but it was pretty packed anyway. All over the place there was plenty of enthusiasm and great spirits among the audience.

They delivered what the fans wanted … full punch guitar riffs, bass, and drums. The old boys totally rocked and they owned the stage for the first couple of songs. It was like the title on one of their albums, Boogie till You Puke. The front man and vocalist, Bjorn Muller, is implacable, hairy, and dirty – pretentious in one moment and the opposite during another. He sang really great at the start, but after a while it was like he had no more to give. But Muller was not stealing all the attention … Petter Baarli on guitar hit the audience with some great solos, and he gave the fans a great show with a lot of charm … and he was the only band member who kept the show going to the bitter end. The two other band members, Bjorn Terje Baarli and Dan Thunderbird, are more anonymous to the audience, but their music skills are very good.

They opened with two or three quite catchy, tough and intense songs, then after this great start the band got into trouble with nonsense and boring numbers and some quite hopeless comments. The expectations were high for these guys, and they didn’t deliver on every level. It was a lack of quality control, but also this performance by the Backstreet Girls was of a category that makes it impossible to absolutely dislike it – but then again soon forgotten. The band didn’t have enough variety in their songs. It was not a killer set from a band with their image: Black-dressed men who rock, who are tough with black boots and black hair, and with their leather jackets.

Still, Backstreet Girls is one of the best Norwegian rock bands, and they delivered a good concert, but hopefully next performance will be tougher and with even more attitude. The band lacked a bit of energy, which is needed to lift this type of rock up and out of the sump.

Ending with some good news to every Backstreet fan – this summer the band will release a completely new studio album!


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