MIKE TRAMP – Songs I Left Behind

MIKE TRAMP - Songs I Left Behind


Frontier Records
Release date: December 7, 2004

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7.25/10 (2 votes)

Mike Tramp is first and foremost known as the gorgeous singer of 80’s Hard Rock band White Lion. After White Lion, time has not stood still for Mike. He went on to start another band, Freak of Nature, releasing 4 albums with them. With his first solo album released in 1998, Tramp toured under his own name for a long time. He now releases his fifth album called Songs I Left Behind. It contains 16 songs in total, so obviously this guy has a lot of music left up his sleeve.

Songs I Left Behind starts off with the song “Sometimes” and it just goes to show that Mike Tramp still has that significant and sexy voice he used to have. This song certainly does bring back a memory or two from the White Lion days, and you might wonder if he is going to break out and start singing “Little Fighter?”

Continuing with a couple of tunes that vary from rock ‘n’ roll to even country influences, “Before the Night” has a real John Fogerty sound to it, and “Love Me Somebody” is a typical roadhouse song. Maybe Tramp has been inspired by playing a lot of smaller bars during these recent years?!

Of course, he has added some of great ballads that can make a girl walk around feeling in love even without knowing why. “I Won’t Walk Alone” and “Darkness” are the two best ballads on the album. “I Won’t Walk Alone” has a glimpse of “When The Children Cry” (from White Lion’s album Pride), and when Mike Tramp sings “Could I be the man to love you?” during “I Won’t Walk Alone,” it just makes you want to scream “YES!” If you’re a guy, play these songs for your lady friend and she will melt in your arms.

Most of these songs have a very personal sound to them, and there is a sincerity and pain in Mike Tramp’s voice, at times, that it just indescribable! Tramp himself sings, plays guitar, bass, and produces this album, so he is definitely a multi-talent. He truly has managed to make an album that can be liked by all generations in any occasion.

Unfortunately the production of each song varies. On “Show Me” and “If I Was Real,” Tramp’s voice has a tendency to get lost in the guitars. The guitar solo on “Show Me” is also surprisingly inappropriate.

All in all, Tramp still sounds fantastic, still looks fantastic, and my, how fantastic it would be to see him touring the big festivals this summer with the rest of the ’80s favorites!

Tramp once, Tramp forever!


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