MIKE TRAMP – Remembering White Lion


Dream Cathcer
Release Date: January 8, 2002

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Mike Tramp remembers his old band, what an amazing memory he has indeed. Not that he remembers the songs the way they were played, but he really remembers them in a good way. Recorded solely by Danes, and without help from any of his former band mates, this release, that has finally been released in Europe, is very enjoyable – even for die hard White Lion followers like myself. Tramp shows this time around that he can sing for the masses, not only for teenage girls 😉 He’s very laid back, and sounds a lot more mature and even more comfortable with himself as a singer. That being said, I am not slaying anything he ever did. Mike Tramp was always a great singer and a charismatic front man.

The guitar player, Kasper Damgaard, does a great job. He’s not copying the incredible work of Vito Bratta, he would be stupid if he tried, but he changes bits and pieces and makes the songs sound fresh. A couple of the tracks you will not recognize before Mike starts singing the lyrics, and a few of them are not very successful. I like the section as well; a few songs from White Lion’s killer debut, as well as hits and forgotten jewels from all the records actually, like “Living On The Edge” and “War Song”. Overall, the melodies are there, there’s a rock’n roll attitude, and though the songs sometimes are very much changed, this is done with respect to one of the all time greatest rock’n roll bands.


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