DORO (Live)

at Baratti, Strømmen, Oslo, Norway, November 26, 2004

A big day for Norwegian Metalheadz! The Queen of Heavy Metal came back to Norway again after 16 years. This evening was a kick-off party for Sweden Rock Festival, and the evening started off with the Norwegian bands Midnight Train, Gentle Groove, Highland Glory, and special guest Jorn Lande from Masterplan.

Even though all of the Norwegian bands did their best to entertain, there was no doubt, the attendees were here to see Doro.

Unfortunately, she didn’t come on stage until after midnight, so some of the audience might have woke up the day after thinking, “Shit … did I get to see Doro yesterday?” For those of who didn’t, she rocked the place. She might look petit as a mouse, but when that woman opens her mouth, she’s got horsepower!!!

Doro started the night off with “I Rule The Ruins,” and for sure, she ruled the ruins of this little bar!!! The security had big problems holding the fences up, and short haired 40-year olds seemed to do anything just to touch this little lady. Luckily she loves her Metalhead fans, and shook hands with them and talked to the audience in between songs. She seemed extremely humble even if she’s used to playing for bigger crowds … and it was a weird crowd that had showed up this evening — some older couples in the back were swing dancing to some of her slower songs, while the younger headbangers were practicing their art form up front.

She really got people going during “Burning The Witches,” handing out her mike to the front row, which was a bad idea with even worse sing-a-longs. As long as the fans were happy, it was all well worth it. “Fur Immer” seemed to have the same effect on people that it had in the 80’s … such a classic!! Guitar player, Joe Taylor, served us with a wicked solo during this fantastic song, not to mention the drum solo by Johnny Dee on “Metal Tango” — he was hitting it so hard his sticks flew everywhere. Doro has hooked up with some great musicians via these American guys (Joe Taylor, Johnny Dee, and Nick Douglas) and the only German, Oliver Palotai, on second guitar (and keyboards).

Ending the evening off with “All We Are” with Jorn Lande on guest vocals was a big hit, but as an 80’s tribute, the crowd started shouting “we want more!” and more they got! The most beautiful song “Love Me In Black” just left everyone totally astonished and ready for bed.

It was great to see that this Icon still rocks. Her voice sounds great and she bangs her head like no other female her age can. She’s been doing it for twenty-some years, and hopefully she’ll be around for another twenty! Rock on, mama!!

I Rule the Ruins
Always Live to Win
True as Steel
Burning the Witches
Fur Immer
Breaking the Law
Metal Tango
Metal Racer
White Wedding
All We Are
Earthshaker Rock
Love Me in Black


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