HELMET – Size Matters

HELMET - Size Matters


Release date: October 5, 2004

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Finally, Helmet is back seven years since their swansong Aftertaste. Page Hamilton and his band Helmet peaked with the brilliant Betty in 1994, however, it’s a delight to report that Helmet has delivered one of their best efforts with this year’s Size Matters album.

Guitar player Chris Traynor remains in the fold, but that’s about it as far as familiar faces remaining in the band. Alongside Hamilton and Traynor, drummer John Tempesta has joined the ranks. He was last seen with Zombie. Hamilton performs the bass duties on this album, but for the tour going on now, ex-Anthrax bassist Frank Bello has joined.

“See You Dead” is a great song, and “Enemies” easily becomes your favorite with it’s heavy and laid back feel to it. Page Hamilton remembered two main things that made Helmet a great band in the 90s: melody and energy. A song like “Unwound” has those two elements, and it’s the most pop-oriented song on Size Matters, but doesn’t lose its Helmet-edge at all.

Time has stood still in the Helmet-camp, and the exact same Size Matters album could have been released in the late 90s instead of 2004. The result is that old Helmet-fans will not be disappointed about Size Matters, as they essentially get back their exact same favorite band, despite the lineup changes and the years that have passed by.

This album will also open doors for new fans, as they are still on a major label and hopefully will get a lot of promotion to put Size Matters on the map. They really deserve a mighty return, because this is really a good album.


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