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Legendary Girlschool was formed way back in the 70s and got taken under the wing of none other than Mr. Kilmister of Motörhead, whose band has toured with the Girls many times and even has recorded a couple of songs with the Girls as well. On the upcoming Anniversary tour of Motörhead, the Girls are once again teaming up with their long-time friends on tour.

Even though Girlschool has been active all these years, most still remember them from their heyday back in the beginning of 80’s when their most legendary work was created. Recent years have seen compilations of their former glory released in different forms, but now they have released an album full of brand new songs. Believe came out last fall, but only came to the attention of Metal Express with the Girls latest tour, as well as the news that they were still active.

Singer Kim McAuliffe and drummer Denise Dufort still form the core of Girlschool. Fresh, new blood and an update on the sound has been given by the new lead guitarist Jackie Chambers and bass player Enid Williams. Chambers, in particular, is credited on each song on Believe. Three of the songs “Come On Up,” “Crazy,” and “Never Say Never” are penned by the newcomers, and the rest are from the pens of varied combinations of Kim, Jackie, and Enid. Both of the bonus tracks are credited to the entire band and they are closest to the sound of the original Girlschool Play Around, in particular.

Believe has a total of thirteen tracks, which are all sing-along rockers that most likely will go down in a storm in a live situation. Kim McAuliffe’s raspy vocals still pack a punch and Enid is not doing a bad job herself. They both definitely rock. Kim’s vocals are more raspier while Enid’s vocal are more feminine.

Girlschool still carry the same enthusiasm they’ve always had, along with the slightly Punkish feel not far from the Ramones, but only prettied up. The only weak point in some of their songs are the shortcuts they have taken with the lyrics, or more precisely the constant repetition of choruses, which is close to overkill. “We All Love To (Rock ‘n’ Roll),” in particular, competes for the title of one of the corniest lyrics ever. This song was probably made with the Germans and drunk crowds in mind.

The opener, “Come On Up,” packs a beat that is guaranteed to get your foot tapping. “Let’s Get Hard” starts with a riff Poison could have come up with for sure. The vocals are dirty, suggestive, and even commanding at times. Jackie gets one of her many chances to display her skills on guitar. “Crazy” reeks desperation before breaking into a big airy choir part. “We All Love To (Rock’n’ Roll)” runs away with the groove before stumbling across the corny chorus. There’s still a cool continuing Punky feel underneath the song. The chorus is definitely idiot proof. “Secret” has a mysterious feel. “New Beginning” starts with an interplay between Jackie’s guitar and Denise’s drums. “C’mon” plays with a distorted vocals effect. All the songs are packed with killer choruses and grooves that will win you over if you give them half a chance. Granted, some of the songs like “C’mon” do drag on a bit, and some could have used more content lyric-wise, but still, songs like “Never Say Never” and “Come On Up” show that these Ladies still do pack a powerful slap. Besides the charm of the Girls, sound goes a long way, and the occasional downslides are easily forgiven.

Go on and join the Believers. Say yes to Girlschool. You know you want to!


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