at Mean Fiddler, London, U.K., June 13, 2004

Every June since the release of Curse Of The Hidden Mirror, BOC has played London’s Astoria Theater. They were also scheduled to play the same venue this time, but lack of interest made them move it to Mean Fiddler, just a couple of steps away from the Astoria.

In light of this “demotion,” it was not a defeated Blue Öyster Cult witnessed tonight. The band is truly on top of their game, and there’s always loads of classics in their sets. This time around, the three original members: Eric Bloom, Buck Dharma, and Allen Lanier, presented yet another set of classic Cult-tunes.

“E.T.I.,” “Burnin’ For You,” “Lips In The Hills,” and “Shooting Shark” were the openers, and the crowd represented the core-fans in the London area for suen its perre. A new concert rule must be that a small and dedicated crowd is better than a large, unfocused one.

“Career Of Evil” is a Bloom-masterpiece, and he’s good in working the crowd when it’s performed. The same can be said about Buck’s guitar-doodling, and even though we didn’t get “Buck’s Boogie” this time around, he was, as always, great at the end of “Cities On Flame With Rock ‘n Roll.”

There is never a great Blue Öyster Cult show without the mighty pieces “Godzilla” and “Don’t Fear The Reaper,” and on this occasion we got an extended version of “Godzilla,” in which both bassist Danny Miranda and drummer Bobby Rondinelli showed their skills. A bit too long perhaps, but the efforts of these guys easily made us forget the Bouchard-brothers from the BOCs heyday.

Let’s hope they will release something new soon to collaborate with their next London-visit, just to keep the interest rising a bit again. The Curse Of The Hidden Mirror is a great piece of work, and even though the crowd chanted for “Dance On Stilts,” we didn’t get any Mirror-material during this show… but there are always plenty of Cult-classics to go around, which was the case this time around as well.


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