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Release date: June 7, 2004

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Nightwish, one of the most well-known Scandinavian Metal bands, released Once back in 2004. This album demonstrates a twist by Nightwish, with a dark turn of the orchestra and an unknown (yet eerie) sound from Tarja Turnen let out. The newly discovered deep, mystical sound has the power to draw in the dedicated Metal fan. This album features less of Tarja’s operatic voice in exchange for more grueling guitar parts, forging along a different path compared to their traditional albums.

With Tarja’s enchanting whisper to draw you in, then the powerful guitar to top it off in the first song, “Dark Chest Of Wonders,” the sinister beauty of this album is released. The second song, “Wish I Had an Angel,” with less orchestra, is very heavy compared to their earlier albums, however, Marco singing a duet with Tarja adds a romantic element to the track. “Nemo,” the breath-taking best seller from Once, is the most well-known track off this album. Singing the gloomy lyrics of being alone with a cold heart, it’s a song unlike any they have conjured up before. The soft lyrics and the strong chorus combine to create a true masterpiece.

“Planet Hell” is an unsuspected surprise… starting off with the chorus, orchestra, and beating drums all merging as one, this is truly music at its finest. “Creek Mary’s Blood,” the most captivating song on the album, is next. With the Native American John two-Hawks joining in and chanting lyrics, it lures you in like a forbidden lullaby. The gorgeous sound of the flutes, drums, and acoustic guitar create a chilling atmosphere that will knock you straight on your ass! The unique guitar solo comes in to remind that this is still Metal. Following that dramatic song is “The Siren.” Starting off with a slick guitar and the haunting voice of Tarja, it injects a Middle Eastern theme into the album.

Next, the down-tuned “Dead Gardens” arrives, and it’s probably the heaviest song on the album. “Romanticide” continues with a badass guitar sound … startling, thrilling, and astonishing are words that only begin to describe this unique song. Guitar harmonics shift in with demanding drums; finally delivering what you have been waiting to hear … not to forget that the killer guitar solo and exhilarating drum line help as well.

“Ghost Love Score,” the next track, contorts this album. This song is incredible; to put it simply it’s the soul of the album. It has true Symphonic beauty: the voice just soars over you, the music mesmerizes you, and the instruments tempt you. It’s by far the most compelling track. The next song is in their native language, Suomi (Finnish), “Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan.” This is a soft track, and is very soothing. It has a lack of guitar, but it’s still astonishing. To close this killer album is “Higher Than Hope” — another ballad that will echo through your mind with surprisingly heavy guitars intermixed.

Nightwish truly did take it a step up with Once. This awesome album reeks of talent, exquisiteness, and just plain Metal!


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