THE RING – Tales From Midgard

THE RING - Tales From Midgard


Scarlet Records
Release Date: June 7, 2004

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Inspired by J.R.R.Tolkiens Lord of the Rings, Swedish musicians Jakob Samuel, Pontus Norgren, and Marcus Jidell set out to make a trilogy of their own. The first part is entitled Tales of Midgard. All of the songs are played, written, mixed, and produced by these three talented members of The Ring – definitely a “band” effort from wizard to warlock, so to speak.

Lord of the Rings fan or not, this is truly an excellent album and these are some of the best heavy rockers Sweden has to offer. This music is so inspirational that you might not even notice some of their tales are up to 10 minutes long! Yes, this is the kind of music that leaves you desiring more … it compels you to want to go for a run, have mad sex, swim in a cold lake, or to even just lie down on your couch and relive the movie in your head.

The best songs on this album are “Into the Wild” and “Unite or Fall.” This exciting album features different Heavy Metal sounds skillfully mixed within every song. First, there is whispery, soft singing, and then 2 seconds later, brash, raw chanting that effectively makes you visualize the evil monsters from the movie. You can even hear special effects like “horror movie” piano playing, along with typical James Hetfield guitar work (e.g., “Sanitarium”).

Tales of Midgard has something for every musical taste … you’ll find it just gets better and better every time you listen to it.

The Ring just got them a brand new fan!


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