Release Date: September 9, 2003

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Formerly the loudest band in the world (before Manowar entered the stages of the world) makes a welcome return. 12 brand new tracks are served up for the Purple aficionados, and they still know how to rock! Their last studio album, Abandon, was a musical success and Bananas follows up quite nicely, thank you!

Even without Jon Lord and/or Richie Blackmore it’s still unmistakable Purple, so have no fear. Deep Purple still know a thing or two about making a great record.

Bananas grows on you after a couple of spins, but opener House of Pain still catches you the first time. Track two, “Sun Goes Down” follows before the moody Haunted takes the album to a different place. Razzle Dazzle picks up the pace (and funk) again, and the rest of the album is a tour de force of the Purple-machinery working impressively. Ian Gillan’s vocals still impresses and I guess nobody misses Ritchie Blackmore, as long as Steve Morse keeps playing the way he is. Don Airey plays gracefully, and doesn’t try to hard. Classy! Other highlights are: Walk on, Never a word and pretty much the rest of the album.

So? Great songs, great production and great performances from each and everyone. That’s what makes this album work!

Bananas is a well crafted record with loads of musical variety and spice, and proves that you can age gracefully. Keep it spinning in your CD-player for a long, long time. Why? Because you deserve it.

Highlights: Bananas, House of pain, Haunted, I’ve got your number, Never a word, Walk on.


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