PERFECT WORLD – Perfect World

PERFECT WORLD - Perfect World


Frontiers Records
Release date: 2003

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“You wake up in the morning and you wanna know, which way that you need go to, you gotta fight for the way you wanna live!” This should be your introduction to one of rock’s all-time best vocalists, Kelly Hansen, from the song “Hurricane” on Hurricane’s 1985 Enigma EP Take What You Want. If it isn’t, well, you’ve got about 18 years you need to make up for before you hear Hansen sing in Perfect World. He does an excellent job in Perfect World, but hearing him cover Pink’s “Just Like A Pill” isn’t what he should be known for.

Kelly Hansen and Fabrezio Lee Grossi are the base of Perfect World, a project of musicians, comprised of J.M. Scattolin (acoustic and electric guitar), Alex DeRosso on guitar as well (Dokken), Biggs Brice on drums and Adam Forgione on keys. They’ve got together to give you one of the melodic rock genre’s best release of the year.

To start with, Hansen has proven himself to not only be versatile, but almost amazing in his vocal abilities. (If you don’t believe the hype, listen to his cover of Journey’s “Separate Ways” on Cleopatra Records’ A Tribute to Journey. If anyone can sing those notes that Steve Perry hit, and do it well, it’s Hansen.) He’s also done vocals for Unruly Child, toning down the delivery from his pop metal incarnation to a more subdued and melodic — but equally adept — vocal style. Even though he doesn’t get the notoriety he deserves, Hansen can go toe to toe with anyone, and at worst, tie them.

Perfect World starts with the ultra-melodic “Here With Me,” your basic “I love you and can’t live without you” paean. “It doesn’t mean, anything, without you, here with me.” There you go. No surprises, just a smooth, atmospheric pop song.

“Leaving Lonely” has the best lyrics on the CD, but this is completely to this reviewer’s discretion. With the line, “She’s going to Sioux Falls, she’s going to Boston, she’s going anywhere but where she’s been,” it not only emphasizes a tremendous sense of belonging but names the best city in the world, which isn’t Boston. This is just a Bon Jovi-ish song, a perfect story line combined with emotive vocals and a catchy melody.

Sadly, we have to hit the uproarious “Just Like A Pill” cover. To start with, Pink (and that singer from 3 Non Blondes) had to approve this, since she wrote the song. So, she’s probably heard it. And, I bet that she was insulted by how well a male voice can cover her creation. But, it’s a chick song. “Where I can run, just as fast as I can, to the middle of nowhere, to the middle of my frustrated fears.” Guys don’t need to sing this, period. So don’t.

After that song, the CD sort of hits cruise control. “I Believe In You,” sounds quite a bit like Unruly Child, and if you aren’t familiar with them, it’s a big fat compliment. Hansen hits his higher range here, in parts, and the richness of his voice, and the fact that he never strains, regardless of the note, impresses. Just listen and enjoy.

There are many more highlights on this CD. “Do You Love,” is a slower tune, with Hansen doing his “I’m gonna sleep with you baby” silkiest crooning. “I Need You” has a weird start, like a subdued heartbeat or computer pulse, leading into a clean guitar intro. It all wraps up with “Broken,” and while it’s not something new to the CD, it is definitely something you’ll want to hear. Perfect World just doesn’t miss … except once.

This CD isn’t for everyone. It’s for guys who have girlfriends/wives and want to set the mood, but don’t own any romantic songs. It’s for women who want to listen to a man sing to THEM. And, it’s for anyone who just wants to hear a great vocalist at the top of his form. That pretty much includes us all, doesn’t it …

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