GREAT WHITE – The Final Cuts


Release Date: February 5, 2002

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One of my absolute favorite bands is history. A few years ago, the incredibly underrated guitarist Mark Kendall left the band, so did long time drummer Audie Desbrow and bass player Sean McNabb, and things fell apart. Then last year, it all looked good as Kendall and McNabb returned to Great White, then led by Jack Russell and rhythm guitar player Michael Lardie. But the fun lasted just a few months before Jack Russell decided to end the band to focus on a solo carrier instead. All the best, by the way! Now the title tells it all, though I need to stress that these final recordings are all cover songs. Once being a little too notorious for making hits with other people’s music, which also explains why many so wrongly wrote Great White off as copycats, this is a collection, or maybe more a tribute, to bands that have influenced Los Angeles’ finest rock band.

I have no idea which line-up recorded this, neither do I know when the tracks were recorded (as most of the ones you’ve heard before are re-recorded). I can not imagine Audie Desbrow taking part in this after the bad split a few years ago, though his picture is in the booklet. The CD – to get to the point – doesn’t really do justice to Great White. The band might have picked a lot of personal favorites, but I must admit I personally find a couple of the songs dull. I remember they played an Elton John cover a few years ago, and that was much better than most of the stuff you find here. Anyway, I don’t feel like being too negative here. After all, these are the final cuts from one of the best bands there ever was, ever will be. Thanks for all the great records and great concerts throughout the years!!!


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