ARK – Burn The Sun


Inside Out
Release Date: January 29, 2002

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10/10 (1 vote)

Progers, metalheads, fellow rockers and music lovers; here it is! The album that will please you all, and give Yngwie Malmsteen sleepless nights. His band, teamed up with genius Tore Ostby, who used to be the force behind the semi-legendary Conception, have outdone themselves on their own. The second album sees ARK moving from a threesome to a quintet, with the addition of the awesome Randy Coven on bass and octopus Mats Olausson on keyboards. However, the core of Tore, drummer extraordinary John Macaluso and the multitalented and gifted Jorn Lande, remains the same. The first album was just a demo that was put some extra work onto. “Burn The Sun” on the other hand, has been produced under the hawk-eye of Tommy Newton somewhere out in the German countryside. This shows, as the record sounds so huge that King Kong will shed a tear in pure envy. “Heal The Waters” opens the best studio effort I have heard in close to a decade, with wildman Macaluso entering the arena followed by Tore’s brilliant riff playing. The run with Tore and Mats in the solo part will make people drop their jaws. Jorn lays down his best work ever throughout the disc, and yes – there is a part here and there where he sounds like a few other well known names… But most importantly, the guy has identity on his own, and shows an incredible range as well as the ability to make people picture what he sings about. Isn’t it scary how music can affect your life?

“Torn” is next up, and another hit for sure. Jorn shows that he’s not afraid to experiment with voices and sounds. The song is catchy as hell, still it has a progressive touch that makes it trademark ARK. The thing is, this is 120 percent ARK right through, at the same time it is perhaps the most commercial progressive (if I should call it that?) album I have ever heard. Tore and John make sure that the lovers of technical skills will adore this, and Jorn on the other hand stretches it so far that even grandma will have to nod and say: “This is a bit chaotic, but who’s that awesome guy singing?” While “Heal The Waters” and “Torn” drives a dagger into the heart of a famous Swedish shredder, the titletrack “Burn The Sun” twists the knife around. I give you one piece of advice: Don’t listen to “Burn The Sun” and drive a car at the same time! It’s dangerous! Ok, the madness doesn’t stop here. It’s all over the record. “Noose” is another track that will make you come along on the space-trip, and “Missing You” is a brilliant ballad. Tore shows bits of his Gilmore influence, and the song clocks in on over nine minutes.

So the progers; you’re going to love the skillful work cut on this record. To the metalheads; you’ll love the heavy Conception-wise riffing here and there. To the rockers; here’s the best all round singer and the most catchy songs you’ve heard in a long time. To the music lovers; this one is simply for you! And to Yngwie Malmsteen; get a day job!


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