Release Date: January 28, 2002

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Burst the bubble is the first studio album from this band. Featuring legendary ex Whitesnake members, Bernie Marsden Micky Moody and Neil Murray. Basically, this is Marsden/Moody with another name for their group. Famous for writing and recording with David Coverdale, they were members of what many considers the best version of Whitesnake. Ah, those were the days. Albums like: Ready and willing, Lovehunter, Come and get it, Saints and sinners, were released, and Bernie Marsden and Mick Moody played an important and big role in those albums. The Company of snakes did release an in-concert album of all those old songs, and got favorably reviews.
Unfortunately, nothing on Burst the bubble gets the blood pumping like those old Whitesnake albums. This is pub-rock/ blues played by the best in the biz, but these new songs lack the kick and bite of previous gems. Still there are some good tunes on this album, but to be honest, I expected a bit more from these old heroes.
Highlights: Kinda wish you would, Ride Ride Ride (Run, Run, Run)


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