BLAZE – Tenth Dimension


Release Date: January 15, 2002

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Blaze’s second release holds the name Tenth Dimension. Whether it’s a joke or not, I don’t know. What the hell is the tenth dimension anyway. The former Iron Maiden singer must have an imagination beyond us human. I admit that I like Blaze a lot more as a solo artist than a Bruce Dickinson clone. His feet were just not big enough to fill in for Bruce, and his own material suits him a lot better. The songs are somewhat catchy, but there’s not a chance in hell this CD will go on heavy rotation in my tray. Blaze himself has indeed a limitation as a singer, and it is still beyond me how he landed the job as the front man for perhaps the biggest heavy metal band of all times. I respect his serious attempts to go on, but so far I have yet to be impressed. My guess is that the Brazilians will adore this, as it seems that former Iron Maiden singers can have a decent carrier based on their past down there.


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