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Blaze Bayley

Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: ABSOLVA – Defiance

31. July 2017

Defiance, a double album, is the latest release from Absolva, a band with a strong pedigree: Chris Appleton, Guitar & Lead Vocals (Iced Earth), Luke Appleton, Guitar & Backing Vocals (Blaze Bayley), Martin Mcnee, Drums (Blaze Bayley), and Karl Schramm, Bass & Backing Vocals (Blaze ...READ MORE

Blaze Bayley Audio Interview 2002

9. January 2002

Interview with Blaze Bayley about his 2nd  album with Blaze called “10th Dimension”       LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE! by Stig G. Nordahl         Read our 10 Dimension review ...READ MORE
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