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Blaze Bayley

Daily Album Premiere Monday: Wretch – Reborn

22. July 2018

It’s challenging to generate excitement for an album reissue.  Wretch does so by branding their 2006 full-length debut, Reborn, as “U.S. Metal made for real gourmets”.  If using the word “gourmet” doesn’t make you skeptical, touting a cover of Breaker’s “Touch Like Thunder” as a ...READ MORE

Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: ABSOLVA – Defiance

31. July 2017

Defiance, a double album, is the latest release from Absolva, a band with a strong pedigree: Chris Appleton, Guitar & Lead Vocals (Iced Earth), Luke Appleton, Guitar & Backing Vocals (Blaze Bayley), Martin Mcnee, Drums (Blaze Bayley), and Karl Schramm, Bass & Backing Vocals (Blaze ...READ MORE
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