ICED EARTH – Dark Genesis

ICED EARTH - Dark Genesis


Century Media
Release date: November 27, 2001

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In addition to make Nevermore resign their deal, Century Media boxes Iced Earth. Not totally rip off, but honestly, if you have followed the band through all these dark years, the only interesting disc out of the five is the one with cover recordings, Tribute To The Gods. The rest you already have… So, Dark Genesis contains Iced Earth’s three first releases (Iced Earth, Night Of The Stormrider and Burnt Offerings), remixed and remastered – and they indeed needed to be freshened up – the cover disc as well as the band’s very first demo, Enter The Realm.

It’s all Power Metal history, something you should be ashamed of if you do not own, but if you already do, I won’t blame you for not investing money in this box. The covers include Kiss (and we all know how incredibly identical Matthew Barlow can sing Paul Stanley), AC/DC, Blue Oyster Cult and of course Iron Maiden, all done with a true Iced Earth trademark. Like I said, a box like this is mostly for the die hards, but this one is also a good way to bring an important element to your collection, after which you can call yourself a true metal fan!


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