EVERGREY – In Search Of Truth


Release Date: November 13, 2001

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One of Sweden’s premier metal outfits is back with their third album, In Search Of Truth. Evergrey is one of the few and unique bands that already from album number one found their own sound and trademark. With the addition of Michael Hakansson and Sven Karlsson from Embraced, as well as Henrik Danhage taking over for Dan Bronell, Evergrey still is something special, if not even more unique this time around. You’ll be hit with strong riffs, emotional vocals and beautiful melodies when you put this CD in the tray. The opener “The Masterplan”, to which the band just has finished a video for, is a melodic masterpiece with great potential, proving there’s something fresh to the whole scene, still not too different. Production-wise Andy LaRocque has outdone himself. Not only is this the greatest CD ever to come from Los Angered, but it has the elements of a classic – the more you play it, the better it gets. Evergrey is set for world domination, and they have just released their Operation:Mindcrime. I don’t think I can put it any better way…


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