SCORPIONS – Lovedrive [Remastered]

SCORPIONS - Lovedrive [Remastered]


Release date: October 5, 2001

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Ah, what a relief! The Scorpions back-catalog finally get a sonic overhauling, and deservedly so. The last couple of years (OK- let’s say the last ten…), Scorpions have been the laughing stock of many a critic and grunge-fans alike. It’s not been cool to say that you like the Scorpions. Well, here’s a confession: I like ’em. Millions of people all over the world do, and the band have a large song-catalog to be proud of. EMI are currently releasing a batch of their classic 70s and 80s albums, and we’ll review em as soon as I can get a hold of them. The first one is their CLASSIC 1979 album, Lovedrive. Including hits like: Loving you Sunday morning, Always somewhere and Holiday, Lovedrive is an essential album of melodic heavy rock. Even the instrumental: Coast to coast , rock!

Viewing the track-listing, it is no mere coincidence that their double live album: World Wide Live, includes 6 tracks from Lovedrive. The whole album oozes quality, and it is perfectly balanced with (only) 8 songs. Those were the days! Although releases like these usually comes with a couple of bonus tracks, there are none to be found on this album. Thankfully. With the digitally remastering, their sound is crystal clear and powerful. Yup, I can’t get enough. Highly recommended from yours truly!

Highlights: Loving you Sunday morning, Lovedrive, Always somewhere, Coast to coast.


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  1. Absolutely classic LP. A major high point in rock history. Yes really.

    However how does the remaster actually sound? I have the original CD release so does the remaster actually sound any better? Thks.

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