Release Date: September 25, 2001

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I can’t think of any artist who has gone solo from a huge band (I am too young to remember that Ozzy did), who has made it through with his head above water. Okay, Halford is still kicking ass (!!!), but let’s not forget that he, as well as Bruce, works with star producer and metal riff guru Roy Z. Most people leave the band, take their egos with them, and believe they can make it just as big on their own. Then you just never hear from them again. (The two other singers Iron Maiden had never really made a huge impression on the scene after their departure, did they?) Bruce on the other hand, as you might have understood by now, always (with a little skunky mistake) made top quality albums. First with “Tattooed Millionaire” and “Balls To Picasso”, then after biiiiiiiiip he returned to the metal scene with the masterpieces “Accident Of Birth” and “Chemical Wedding”. His fine moments are collected on disc 1, as well as a few new songs, while disc 2 contains b-sides and stuff from the vaults – amongst others the original version of “Bring Your Daughter…”. Not only is this a “best of” from one of the very best solo artists of heavy metal, it’s a collector’s item for the fans, and a nice way to present a successful solo carrier. The multi talented Bruce will never stop to amaze us!


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