ARTCH – Another Return [Reissue]


Metal Blade
Release Date: 2001

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One of the best debut records ever, this masterpiece was recorded in 1987, then released in Europe by Active and in US by Metal Blade. At the time of its release, people either listened to thrash metal or hairspray metal. This record was too heavy for the posers, and not fast enough for the Metallica fans back then. Not too many took notice of this brilliant band, though it was rewarded with 5 Ks in Kerrang! and given 100 points in Metal Forces. The music can be described as Power Metal, or maybe better; fucking HEAVY METAL to the core, with those capital letters! The Icelandic singer, Eric Hawk, shows so much talent that you still wonder how Steve Harris could go with Blaze Bailey when Bruce quit… The CD comes as a double, with a MPEG video of Artch’s final gig in Sarpsborg in 1993. Well, their “first final gig”, as they re-united to support Scream Magazine’s anniversary part in 1999 (and guess who came up with that idea…). Now, to support the CD and to show that you can’t keep a good band down – this legendary heavy metal quintet plays Wacken this year. Be there!


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