W.A.S.P. – Unholy Terror


Release Date: April 3, 2001

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Unholy Terror sees Blackie returning to his golden age for the first part of the record. He has also kept the sleazy attitude from 1999’s Helldorado, which makes his singing less varied. Blackie is slowly getting back where the old fans want him, and this is another small step in the right direction. Still I say he hasn’t done a full-blown record since the masterpiece “The Crimson Idol”. From the first chord, you can hear this is trademark W.A.S.P. sound. The three first songs are high class material that could have been included on “…Idol” or “The Headless Children”. The next cut, the title track, gives you chills and sets you in a trance, and followed up with “Charisma”, Blackie has done his best effort in nine years. However, I find the album going downhill from here, and even the ballad “Evermore” doesn’t stand a chance next to all the great ballads Blackie has written over the years. I welcome this record, and as a fan from the very first EP I will never stop supporting the band. So things are getting there, just a bit too slowly…


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