THRESHOLD – Hypothetical


Inside Out
Release Date: March 20, 2001

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Now here’s a band prog metal that does it the right way. This mix of heavy, crunchy killer guitar riffs, progressive skillful playing and awesome use of keyboards makes Threshold stand out from all the bands trying to be something they’re not. Threshold has the unique sound, their own style and impressive songwriting. “Hypothetical” is “album of the month” in Germany’s bigest ”megazine”, Rockhard, and it’s easy to understand. Not one album that combines whiplash riffs with progressive elements and even catchy songs in this way comes to my mind. While the last record, “Clone”, was more straight ahead, “Hypothetical” has a bit of every Threshold release thrown into one big basket. The British seem more influenced by prog rock from the 70’s, while they also have a heavy metal foundation. The best tracks are without doubt the longer ones, “The Ravages Of Time” and “Narcissus”. It’s really no hypothesis that Threshold have released an album that just a few bands in this genre will top this year. Are you still reading? Go out and get it!


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