WAYSTED – Wilderness Of Mirrors

WAYSTED - Wilderness Of Mirrors


Zoom Club Records
Release date: February 7, 2000

User Review
5.5/10 (3 votes)

No points given, as it is an album containing session material. ”Save Your Prayers” was a monster album, released in 1986, and guitar player Paul Chapman obviously feels the same way. He has cleaned his attic so that the fans can enjoy this special treat. In addition to Chapman, this incarnation of Waysted included phenomenal singer Danny Vaughn, Pete Way from UFO, a band which also this week split with Michael Schenker, and John Dee (later Britney Fox) on drums. Dee nowadays watches Doro from behind every night! The sound is not the reason to get this, but if you like “Save Your Prayers”, you can do nothing with this in your collection. You never heard ”Save Your Prayers”? Start looking now, though the damn thing is hard to find on CD. All I know of is an Australian version…


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