NAZARETH – Hair Of The Dog

NAZARETH - Hair Of The Dog


Eagle Records
Release date: April 30, 1975

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4.67/10 (3 votes)

Nazareth’s sixth studio album, and their breakthrough album in the states, Hair of the dog sure is one of the best rock-albums of the seventies. Originally released in 1975. Heavy, groovy, hard, mean blues, whatever you want to call it, this records got it!

Featuring a batch of well written and solidly performed songs, it came as no surprise that Snaz got their well deserved breakthrough with this album.

It features the colossal title track, Miss Misery, Beggar’s Day, Please don’t Judas me, amongst others. The American version ( and this remastered edition) featured their albatross, Love Hurts. Arguably the most popular version of that particular tune, Love Hurts helped Nazareth sell a lot of albums and singles, but a lot of fans were turned off by the song. Especially their hard rock-fans…. Well, never mind that song, and enjoy the rest of the album. After all it’s a classic. Just ask Axl!

Highlights: Beggar’s Day, Hair of the dog, Guilty, Miss Misery, Down, Please don’t Judas me.


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