Maxxxwell Carlisle

Maxxxwell Carlisle (host of The Maxed Out Metal Hour on MER) is the current lead guitarist for LA based metal veterans Hellion. In addition to his ongoing role in Hellion, he has also released 5 albums as a solo artist and appeared as a guest writer and soloist on Michael Angelo Batio’s “Intermezzo” album, named one of the Top 5 Shred albums of 2014 by Guitar World Magazine. He continues to collaborate with various metal musicians and teaches guitar technique and metal composition via Skype. Additionally, he is a former competitive bodybuilder and enjoys a lifestyle based around health, fitness and metal.




  1. Hi Max, My name is Chris, I’m plying in a power metal band from Melbourne Australia. just wonder if you would interested in hearing and possibly playing our stuff, Band is Kilamiane ( Facebook:Kilamaine) If you are interested please contact me

  2. Hi, Max:

    I’m Miguel, keyboardist and accordionist in Pimeä Metsä, a viking/folk metal band from Madrid.

    Yeah, viking metal from the south!! Rare but real!!!

    Do you want to discover how we catch the ancient viking spirit with our music? Here’s a lyric video taken from our second album:

    If you like it and think you could play our stuff, do not hesitate to contact us

    Thanks in advance and… KEEP ON VIKING!!!!!

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