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    LUCIFER - Lucifer V - 7.1/10


Label: Nuclear Blast
Release date: January 26, 2024

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Lucifer, the band that boldly bears the name of the fallen angel, has carved a unique niche in the world of Rock and Metal. Led by the mesmerizing vocals of Johanna Andersson, the band’s journey is a captivating exploration of the occult, wrapped in a shroud of vintage sound and modern mystique. With each album, Lucifer weaves a spell that transports listeners to a realm where darkness and melody collide.

Early Years

The band’s discography, which includes albums like Lucifer I (2015), Lucifer II (2018), and Lucifer III (2020), Lucifer IV, and the latest album, Lucifer V, is a testament to their ability to channel the essence of Classic Rock while infusing it with a fresh, occult-infused energy. Lucifer I marked the band’s emergence, showcasing their adeptness at merging 70s hard rock with a modern edge. Songs like “Izrael” and “Morning Star” set the tone for Lucifer’s musical identity, drawing parallels between the occult and the rebellious spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

The arrival of Lucifer II saw the band evolving without losing their signature sound. Guitarist Robin Tidebrink and drummer Nicke Andersson, along with the bewitching presence of Andersson, now Nicke’s wife, demonstrated a musical chemistry that elevated Lucifer to new heights. Tracks such as “California Son” and “Dreamer” demonstrated the band’s ability to seamlessly blend doom-laden riffs with Andersson’s haunting vocals, creating an atmosphere that is both ominous and enthralling.

Lucifer V

Lucifer V further solidifies the band’s standing in the Occult Rock scene. The album opens with the powerful “Fallen Angel,” a track that immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its driving rhythm and melancholic melodies. Andersson’s vocals soar above the instrumentation, delivering lyrics that delve into the mysterious and otherworldly. “Slow Dance in a Crypt,” is a testament to Lucifer’s ability to craft a haunting song that lingers in the mind long after the music stops.

One of Lucifer’s defining strengths lies in their ability to create a sonic landscape that transports listeners to a bygone era while maintaining a contemporary relevance. The guitar work on each album is nothing short of stellar, with Platow’s riffs echoing the spirit of Classic Rock gods while infusing a sense of urgency and doom.

Johanna Andersson, the enigmatic frontwoman, is undoubtedly the heart and soul of Lucifer. Her vocals, which effortlessly shift between haunting and powerful, add a layer of mystique to the band’s sound. Andersson’s lyrical themes often explore the mystical and occult, drawing inspiration from esoteric imagery and ancient symbolism. Her stage presence is equally captivating, channeling the spirits of rock ‘n’ roll legends while adding her own ethereal touch.

Beyond the music, Lucifer’s visual aesthetic plays a crucial role in shaping their identity. Album artwork, promotional materials, and stage design all contribute to a cohesive and immersive experience. The band’s commitment to creating a complete artistic package sets them apart in a music landscape often dominated by fleeting trends.


In conclusion, Lucifer is the real deal in the realm of occult rock, offering a bewitching blend of vintage Rock influences and a contemporary, occult-infused edge. With each album, they delve deeper into the realms of darkness and mysticism, crafting a sound that is as enchanting as it is powerful. If you’re lucky enough to live in the areas they’re touring this year, go check them out.


  1. Fallen Angel
  2. At The Mortuary
  3. Riding Reaper
  4. Slow Dance In A Crypt
  5. A Coffin Has No Silver Lining
  6. Maculate Heart
  7. The Dead Don’t Speak
  8. Strange Sister
  9. Nothing Left To Lose But My Life

Band Members

Johanna Platow Andersson – Vocals
Nicke Andersson Platow – Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Martin Nordin – Guitars
Linus Bjorklund – Guitars
Harald Gothblad – Guitars


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