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  • 8.5/10
    NIGHT LEGION - Fight or Fall - 8.5/10


Label: Massacre Records
Release date: June 30, 2023

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In 2017, Australian Power Metal band Night Legion released their self-titled debut album, which was critically acclaimed. They toured to promote it, of course, and after coming off the road, they immediately started writing material for their follow-up album. However, COVID-19 got in the way and delayed their progress. In addition to that, Night Legion bid farewell to vocalist Vo Simpson and drummer Dom Simpson. Replacing them is vocalist Louie Gorgievski, who sounds a lot like Bruce Dickinson, and original drummer Clay Tchakalian.

Almost six years later, the band is back with their second studio album, Fight or Fall. The album was produced by guitarist Stu Marshall, and mixed and mastered by Chris Themelco. Night Legion’s sound is a blend of Dio, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden.

The Good and the Bad

Fight or Fall kicks off with the album’s first single, “The Hounds of Baskerville,” which Marshall’s Death Dealer bandmate Mike LePond guest stars on. It’s very dark and menacing, which makes sense because it’s a horror themed track. Werewolves terrorizing a small town; how much darker can it get? Whether this was intentional or not, the lyrics also reference Iron Maiden’s “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and AC/DC’s “Hells Bells.” The title track is a moody, mid-tempo headbanger with intricate guitar solos and impressive kick drum work.

“At World’s End” starts off with a haunting acoustic guitar melody before the electric guitars, drums, and distorted bass line color up the track even further. It’s an interesting one because there’s a lot of melody, it has nice harmonies, and it’s not as in-your-face compared to some of the other songs on the album. “The Enemy” is a major highlight on Fight or Fall because it immediately draws listeners in with the chanting backup vocals. It has a fist-pounding and foot-stomping vibe that would be perfect for live shows. “The Hand of Death” closes the album on a somber and epic note.

The production on Fight or Fall is worth mentioning because it’s a great sounding album. The bass lines are so heavy and distorted, the guitar riffs are loud and aggressive, the kick drum work is excellent, and Gorgievski’s vocals soar throughout the entire journey. There aren’t many negatives with the album, other than a few of the songs sounding the same and blended together, like “Babylon Burns” and “Soaring into the Black.”

Final Assessment

Overall, Fight or Fall is a great follow-up to Night Legion’s self-titled debut release and it’s safe to say the band avoided the sophomore slump.

Album Tracklist

  1. The Hounds of Baskerville
  2. Babylon Burns
  3. Soaring into the Black
  4. Fight or Fall
  5. At World’s End
  6. Beyond the Crimson Dawn
  7. Harvest of Sin
  8. The Enemy
  9. The Hand of Death

Band Lineup

Louie Gorgievski – lead vocals
Stu Marshall – guitars
Col Higginson – guitars
Glenn Williams – bass guitar
Clay Tchakalian – drums


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