METALLICA – 72 Seasons

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  • 8.5/10
    METALLICA - 72 Seasons - 8.5/10


Label: Blackened Recordings
Release date: April 14, 2023

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6.13/10 (4 votes)

The past few years have been eventful for Bay Area Thrash legends Metallica. In the past seven years, Metallica has released two studio albums, a live album in S&M 2, celebrated their 40th anniversary as a band, headlined numerous festivals as well as extensive touring. While many questioned Metallica’s future after their front man James Hetfield went to rehab in late 2019 in regard to his struggle with alcohol, Metallica’s new album 72 Seasons shows that Metallica still have plenty to offer to their fans and aren’t going anywhere.

72 Seasons showcases Metallica’s Black Sabbath influence mostly noticeable in the album’s closing track “Inamorata” as well as Crown of Barbed Wire”, which not to say there aren’t any songs that take Metallica back to their Thrash roots with faster anthems such as “Too Far Gone” and “Room of Mirrors.” With such variety, you could say Metallica takes the best of everything they’ve done since 1991.

Music-wise, Metallica sounds great with a lot of notable guitar work between James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett, while bassist Robert Trujillo (who also boasts some killer backing vocals on the song “You Must Burn!”) and drummer Lars Ulrich shine in the rhythm section.

72 Seasons surely follows up nicely to 2016’s Hardwired… To Self-Destruct and offers something to Metallica fans that enjoyed all things good from the band’s work from 1991 and on. For those who liked the first four singles off this release, you are surely in for a treat with 72 Seasons. For anyone that is hesitant on 72 Seasons because of the first four singles, you will find more variety with the rest of the album.

Can fans expect Master of Puppets? No, but can fans expect more great years from Metallica based off 72 Seasons? Yes!

Album Tracklist

  1. 72 Seasons
  2. Shadows Fallow
  3. Screaming Suicide
  4. Sleeping My Life Away
  5. You Must Burn
  6. Lux Æterna
  7. Crown of Barbed Wire
  8. Chasing Light
  9. If Darkness Had a Son
  10. Too Far Gone?
  11. Room of Mirrors
  12. Inamorata


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