IN FLAMES – Foregone

In Flames - Foregone Album
  • 8.5/10
    IN FLAMES - Foregone - 8.5/10


Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release date: February 10, 2023

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8.25/10 (2 votes)

Swedish Metalheads, In Flames, present their 14th studio album. Foregone is being released on Nuclear Blast Records, February 10th 2023.

In Flames is one of those Metal bands that shouldn’t need much of an introduction for fans of the Metal genre. Formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1990, In Flames has been fortunate enough to travel the world several time over playing their version of Melodic Metal to fans in just about every country that allows music. Although there have been some lineup changes since their inception way back when, vocalist Anders Friden and guitarist Bjorn Gelotte have been with the band for almost 30 years. Having two influential members of the band for as long as they have been around helps provide In Flames fans with a sound that’s familiar while still allowing them to step out of their comfort zone and experiment with different sounds.


The opening track on Foregone, “The Beginning of All Things That Will End”, is an instrumental song that lulls the listener into thinking the album might be on the softer, more peaceful side of the spectrum. Those first two minutes are very misleading though. The very next song, “State of Slow Decay” assaults your ears from the very first second the track begins. Between the well-polished, fast guitars and the drums that pound out a familiar beat for In Flames fans, it’s obvious that these guys aren’t just mailing in another album to make their record producer overlords happy. No! These guys are out to make an angry, heavy album that fans will rejoice in for years to come, just like their first album, The Jester Race.

Although there has been some lineup changes in the past, In Flames appears to have shifted into a more stable place with the band members. Foregone is the second album with bassist Bryce Paul and drummer Tanner Wayne as well as Chris Broderick on guitars. For those of you that aren’t already acquainted with Chris’s work, he was with Nevermore as well as Megadeth before joining In Flames.


What’s good about this album? Just about everything. The vocals hit on many different levels. From the gravelly screams to the clean singing, it covers every possible range needed to fit the music. Guitars are fast, well timed, and they feed off each other. Bass guitar is heavy and helps set the tone along with the drums. Several songs will find a way into the listener’s brain and camp out there for a long time after listening just once. It’s almost impossible not to find a song that catches your ear.

What could be better? Not a whole lot, if anything at all. After putting out music for damn near 30 years, In Flames still has an edge to their music as well as retaining that original angsty sound from their youth. Anders and Bjorn seem to have found a rhythm and formula that work for them to produce great music that will not only please longtime fans but will also attract new listeners that are hearing their music for the first time. This record is solid and will be in my rotation moving forward, just like their previous albums.


  1. The Beginning of All Things That Will End
  2. State of Slow Decay
  3. Meet Your Maker
  4. Bleeding Out
  5. Foregone Pt 1
  6. Foregone Pt 2
  7. Pure Light of Mind
  8. The Great Deceiver
  9. In The Dark
  10. A Dialogue in b Flat Minor
  11. Cynosure
  12. End The Transmission

Album Lineup

Anders Friden – Vocals
Bjorn Gelotte – Guitar
Chris Broderick – Guitar
Bryce Paul – Bass
Tanner Wayne – Drums


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