THEM – Fear City

THEM - Fear City
  • 8.3/10
    THEM - Fear City - 8.3/10


Label: SteamHammer/SPV
Release date: October 28, 2022

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Horror Metal by Them, producing their fourth studio record, Fear City. Mixed by Dave Otero in Denver, Colorado.

Fear City

This band is one that comes around very rarely. Very talented in their musicianship, great quality in the sound, and an idea or concept that is actually good. This concept album, primarily centered on KK Fossor and his recent trip to New York City, also known as Fear City, is where the story is set. This storyline has fast forwarded a little bit from previous albums. Set in a 1980s New York, where drugs and other illegal vices gripped the city, it sets the stage for KK Fossor and his mission. The previous three records were based on characters set in the 19th century. Fear City is a bit of a spin off from the past. KK Fossor is searching for the living relative of a witch hunter, a televangelist named Mr. Thompson.

If the storyline isn’t enough to grip you, the music definitely will. KK Fossor’s vocals are clear and easy to listen to. The music itself is very technical on guitar. Fast and very intricate music that will turn any crowd into a mosh pit in no time. One thing they do on this album, that works really well, is THEM uses sound clips that helps bring the listener to the decade this story is being portrayed in. For instance, on the intro track “Excito” you can hear the Toy “R” Us song being played and it makes your mind remember the ‘80s.

Give this band a listen and check out their other albums as well. Great Horror Metal for any fans out there. Also, THEM offers Fear City on several different formats: CD or green/black vinyl for the collectors out there. One of the best concept pieces next to King Diamond’s Abigail.

Final Thoughts

This record is a great departure from the normal Heavy Metal that’s out there these days. Great vocals, fast and technical guitars, and the keyboard mixed throughout the album add to the Horror Metal and concept that this album was going after. Solid album that should bring more people into the genre. Give it a listen for sure.


  1. Excito
  2. Flight of the Concorde
  3. Welcome To Fear City
  4. Retro 54
  5. An Ear For the Action
  6. Graffiti Park
  7. 191st Street
  8. Home Stretch
  9. The Crossing of Hellgate Bridge
  10. Death on the Downtown Metro
  11. Stay Tuned…..
  12. A Most Violent Year
  13. The Deconsecrated House of Sin
  14. In the 11th Hour

Album Lineup

KK Fossor – Vocals
Markus Johansson – Guitars
Markus Ullrich – Guitars
Steve Bolognese – Drums
Richie Seibel – Keyboards
Alexander Palma – Bass


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