BRYCE JASSMANN (TRENCH): “The Last Few Years For Us Has Been A Test Of Patience As Well As An Opportunity To Do All We Could Behind The Scenes”

TRENCH - Encased in Chrome

Calgary Metal band Trench are set to release their brand new EP entitled Encased in Chrome on March 18th via New Damage Records. The band’s guitarist Bryce Jassman took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about the band’s new EP, the latest singles released from the band, the challenges the band has had the past few years, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: The band’s new EP Encased in Chrome is set to be released on March 18th via New Damage Records. What can you tell fans about the new EP?

Jassman: Encased In Chrome is a six song EP that expands and elevates the sound that fans have come to know from our two previous works (The Gift Of Guilt, 2019 and Blossom, 2020). It is very much the Trench that fans love but harder, faster and with a few curveballs that will leave listeners surprised,

MER: The band has released two new songs ‘Be All End All’ and ‘Imminent Power Looming.’ What kind of feedback have you received?

Jassmann: The feedback that we’ve received has been amazing and positive. The music video for ‘Imminent Power Looming’ is currently a finalist for Best Metal Video as part of Dropout Entertainment’s 4th Annual Canadian Independent Music Video Awards. We are very thankful for our fans who share our music and give praise through social media as well as word to mouth. It feels amazing as creators to hear that people love our music just as much as we love it ourselves.

MER: Do you feel like those two songs will give fans a good idea on what to expect from the rest of the EP?

Jassmann: I think that they do but there are also elements on other songs that are unique to themselves. Every song on Encased In Chrome stands strong in its own way but also come together to create a dynamic album experience. For the song “Unforgiven Remains,” we collaborated and were blessed with an amazing verse from Detroit rapper Guilty Simpson. It is unlike any other previous Trench songs but is also not a surprise for those who know us. Our music has always had many influences and our approach to songwriting has always been one of limitless possibilities.

MER: Does the band have any plans following the release of the EP?

Jassmann: Nothing completely set in stone that I can say at this moment, but we intend to tour as much as we can and continue writing new music for our next record. We are a well oiled machine with no intentions of stopping and we want to spread our music to as many people as possible.

MER: How has the band been able to stay in touch and keep busy over the last couple of years?

Jassmann: The last few years for us has been a test of patience as well as an opportunity to do all we could behind the scenes. Where we live the limitations of seeing each other was a fluctuating challenge but we took every chance we had to get together and create. Aside from not always being able to be physically present in the same room, Trench is a close group of friends who communicate and plan ahead on a daily basis.

MER: For anyone that’s unfamiliar with Trench, how would you describe the band’s sound?

Jassmann: To describe our sound without just naming off our instruments and influences, I would say that “Trench” itself is a great name to describe our music. A Trench is a muddy, disgusting place full of sorrow and aggression. A cacophony of loud mechanical violent sounds that is broken up by moments of despair and loss. As well as an omnipresent surrealness that I can best describe as when horrific or chaotic moments seem to slow down and no longer seem real.

MER: If you could put together your own tour what would the lineup consist of?

Jassmann: For me on a personal level, it would be a tour of Trench opening for Korn haha. That band had such an impact on me and my love for music at a young age and has remained my favorite band to this day. Besides them, we would love to tour with our labelmates Misery Signals and Comeback Kid. Both amazing bands that are unique and have had big impacts within their own genres.

MER: Since releasing the band’s debut album in 2019, what have been some of your favorite memories playing music?

Jassmann: We’ve had multiple Western Canada tours that have all been amazing experiences. The love that we are shown from friends and new fans alike is overwhelming and I cherish every moment of it. Besides that, our last three records (including Encased In Chrome) were recorded in Kelowna BC at Oodelally Recordings with our friends Jordan Chase and Colton Douglas. The weeks we’ve spent with them recording in Kelowna are experiences that I will forever treasure.

MER: With a full length album and a second EP about to be released, what would you recommend to a new fan and why?

Jassman: Listen to all of it. We care about our art and we wouldn’t put out anything that didn’t meet our expectations. Every song we write is written with an intention of never being boring. Trench is unique and will keep you interested. We might just be your new favorite band, all you got to do is listen.


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