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    TRISTAN HARDERS' TWILIGHT THEATRE - Drifting Into Insanity - 7/10


Label: Pride & Joy Music
Release date: January 14, 2022

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One Man Band

While the effects of the pandemic have put a strangle hold one touring and concerts, some musicians are using the time off to strike out on their own and finish old projects. This is the case with Tristan Harders’ Twilight Theatre – Drifting Into Insanity, released through Pride & Joy Music. As guitarist and vocalist for the power metal band Terra Atlantica, Harders has the skill and musical chops to create an album almost completely on his own.  From production to playing all of the instruments and mixing, Tristan Harders handles all of the tasks comfortably in making a solo album.

Of Swords & Sorcery

Drifting Into Insanity is an album of Power Metal, with all of the epic choruses, anthemic melodies and support from strings and choir needed to make a complete package. The themes are very familiar to metal fans with songs about great battles, fighting tyranny, fairy tales, and Avalon. Harders is aided in his project with guest vocals by Tomi Fooler, and guest guitars by Gabriel Tuxen on the track “Save me from Insanity”. The choir work by Robin Kelka and Finn Harders adds a nice touch, giving the album a grander sound.

Final Notes

Tristan Harders is very talented, which one would have to be to write, record and sing an entire album, then mix and master as well. The guitar work is excellent, though it tends to get a little buried by the vocals at times. The lack of a human drummer is noticeable, but the programming pretty much works overall. As mentioned, the album is very vocal heavy, when the instruments could have been a little stronger in the mix. For this reviewer, Tristan Harders vocals are an acquired taste. Overall it’s a good effort, with room to improve. If you love big anthems in your Power Metal, and are a fan of Terra Atlantica, then you will find something worth your while here.

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Tristan Harders – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming
Robin Kelka, Finn Harders – Additional Choirs
Tomi Fooler – Guest Vocals on “Save me from Insanity”
Gabriel Tuxen – Guitar Solo on “Save me from Insanity”

Drifting Into Insanity – Tracklist

  1. Entrance
  2. The End
  3. Open The Gates
  4. Rise Against The Tyranny
  5. Halls Of Glory
  6. Interlude In G# Minor
  7. Quest Into The Mountains Of Steel
  8. When Fairytales Are Gone
  9. In The Realms Of Memories
  10. Back To Avalon
  11. Save Me From Insanity
  12. Between The Battles


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