LEVERAGE – Above The Beyond

LEVERAGE - Above The Beyond
  • 8/10
    LEVERAGE - Above The Beyond - 8/10


Label: Frontiers Music
Release date: October 15, 2021

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Above the Beyond is Leverage fifth album. The Finnish band is back, two years after the solid Determinus. The band still delivers a blend of Classic Hard Rock sprinkled with Melodic and Power Metal, not unlike old school Rainbow. In fact, from the Gilanesque voice of Kimmo Blom, to the Hammond organs orchestrations, and the Blackmore inspired soli, you can help but think of Deep Purple. Above the Beyond does not revolutionize Leverage proved formula but is still a pleasing addition to their discography, with plenty enough of catchy tunes.

The band alternates between classic rock anthems with groovy guitars and riffs, and with ballads. These ballads could be described as soapy at first, but they strangely grow on you. “The Emperor” is proof that Leverage is still inspired, and the addition of the violin bring that little flavour making a good song a great one.

“Into the New World” introduction, will probably remind you of Blackmore’s Night. The acoustic highlights might not be the taste of everyone, but they bring a nice touch to the ensemble.

“Do You Love Me Now” is strangely heavier, and cheesier at the same time. The taste of nostalgia is a guilty pleasure. However the ballad “Angelica” is a low point on the album. For the softer of hearts amongst you, there is something you might appreciate… but if you are here for the Rock ‘N Roll, there is a good chance you will find it boring.

Luckily “Under his Eyes” make you forget this clumsy intermission. It proves that the alliance of Rock and ballads is not always against the nature of things. In between eerie acoustic and powerful choruses, this song has a good old’ Hard Rock taste. (For fans of Perfect Strangers!) Yep! It’s groovy as hell! But it’s a good groove!

Above the Beyond is a solid album marked with truly inspired and solid pieces: the longest songs “Silence” and “Under His Eyes” are well polished. It is only a shame that not all the compositions on the album rise to their level.


  • Séverine Peraldino

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