GUS G. – Quantum Leap

GUS G. - Quantum Leap
  • 8/10
    GUS G. - Quantum Leap - 8/10


Label: AFM Records
Release date: October 8, 2021

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Quarantine hobbies

While some tried to make bread, practiced yoga or hoped to grow edible vegetables, others got to work and proved that twiddling their thumbs was not for them. Gus G. needs no introduction as he is the figure of the modern guitar hero par excellence. He is a prolific composer for Firewind and used to be Ozzy Osbourne’s stage guitarist. Amidst all this, he found time to compose and produce several solo albums, Quantum Leap being the latest.

Heroes of the past

One thing to truly appreciate with Metal music is how the genre keeps an important place for virtuosity in its modern aesthetics. That being said, instrumental albums are still in a way musical UFOs. You don’t listen to them with the same perspective as a classic album. They need a true virtuoso composer to replace melodic vocal lines with instrumental. A comparison with Classical music, in that case, does not seem out of place. Paradoxically enough, Gus G. admitted he is not a big fan of solo albums as they tend to be too long. However, Quantum Leap is not short. With two CDs, the second one a collection of live songs could be viewed as a bonus. This review will mainly focus on the new materials.

The soundtrack to a journey home

The first impression you gather from these new compositions is the clearness of the sound. Despite the obvious virtuosity and technical lyrical flights throughout the songs, it never gets messy. Trills, ornaments and artifices are always carefully dosed so that the album remains coherent. Gus G. develops various atmospheres, from classic Hard Rock to Progressive Metal. For example, “Enigma of Life”, with the acoustic highlights is both soothing and impelling. The opening title “Leap Into the Unknown” offers a good appetizer to the whole album. On the contrary, songs like “Demon Stomp” or “Judgement Day” lean on the heavier side of the spectrum.

Gus G. is successful in both ways with this album. Even to instrumental neophytes, it will be pleasant, varied and coherent while offering an emotional journey to the more seasoned guitar aficionados.


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