BLACKENED BLOOD – Black Dawn Rising

BLACKENED BLOOD - Black Dawn Rising
  • 7.2/10
    BLACKENED BLOOD - Black Dawn Rising - 7.2/10


Label: Independent
Release date: April 9, 2021

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Aside from the wonders of the world mentioned in the title track off the 1989 release The Miracle by Queen, many things still go on. Making a list right here would be quite pointless, but it’s definitely good to mention that the global Metal scene still thrives. Some legendary bands such as Motörhead or Slayer are now past and blessed be those who have seen them live. But there are countless new bands full of eager musicians who are willing to take their place, no matter how long that might take. One of those fresh bands is the Swedish group called Blackened Blood. Their debut release titled Black Dawn Rising sure is something fans of heavy music might want to keep their eye on until the band makes it bigger – which is a definite possibility.

The album starts off in a really dark and downbeat way, and yet the opening track titled “Devils Dice” is fairly catchy. It certainly sounds as if a band like Venom had today’s technology at their disposal and decided to record their first album using it. It’s definitely quality music, although one thing the band should give more thought when working on their next one is the production. Of course, no one expects wonders from debut albums, but the sound could definitely have more power and kick to it. And the bass definitely could do with some boost in the mix. Fortunately Black Dawn Rising does not sound as bassless as Metallica’s …And Justice For All, but still it could sound much better with the bass being a bit louder.

Next song on the album “Our Time Is Lost” sounds fairly British too, but it’s the NWOBHM bands it could be compared to. The intro is where the singer Alberto Levrini, who decided to leave his homeland to live 14 degrees further up north, proves that he was the right choice for the band. Those powerful and clean vocals can easily make the listener think of such singers as Bruce Dickinson from The Number of the Beast era as well as the legendary Blitz of Overkill. The lead parts are just as spot-on, although it sounds as if the vocals stand out just a tiny bit too much.

The album goes on and the songs themselves definitely don’t disappoint… but the guys at Blackened Blood really shouldn’t be afraid to turn that bass up. Maybe they could foresee those problems because the 5th track titled “Chaos Control” definitely has more bass to be heard in it. And that is an awesome thing, because this Motörhead-seasoned song is definitely the most badass track on the album so far. But its reign doesn’t last long and here’s why: the following track “Scarred ‘n Blindfolded” is just as much of a kick. It’s not far from the early 90s Thrash/Speed Metal for sure. More than one Metal fan will mosh to that song live whenever they get to see Blackened Blood perform, hopefully at a big event. Also, the lead parts in this one are particularly tasty. Then come a few more songs and the final two which are significantly softer, but that’s not a bad way of concluding a ten track Metal album.

To put it all short, it is beyond all doubt that the music by Blackened Blood has some potential to it and the guys are certainly not wasting it. Black Dawn Rising is a debut no band should be embarrassed to have and it has some songs on it that might pull some wild crowds at the festivals once they’re resumed. For now, it might be good to just blast it and give a sigh of relief knowing that the global Metal scene is indeed thriving and bands, just like everything else, come and go. Hopefully Blackened Blood keep at what they do because with enough determination and perseverance reaching the stars and beyond is possible.


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