at the Alma Hard Channel on YouTube, April 18, 2021


Hardpower United, is an online-only Hard Rock charity festival featuring bands from around the globe, raising money for the indigenous cause.

It is not often that all of South America comes together for one big Hard Rock festival – logistics in the continent are much harder than in the USA or Europe due to poor roads, bad train networks, and gigantic distances.

Producer Darlan de Freitas, together with YouTube channel Alma Hard, have managed to pull this off – ironically thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic which makes it possible to harness the power of the Internet to bring together rockers from the whole continent without logistics expenditure.

The festival raises money and awareness towards vulnerable Native Brazilians, who were not only severely affected by the pandemic, with the highest mortality rate in the region, but also experience difficulty integrating into the local economy.

There are 21 bands on the bill, with a total run time of just above 90 minutes, coming from all sides of the globe: Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Portugal, Australia, and the US, ranging from 80s AOR Rock, Sleaze, and Hair Metal to more modern Hard Rock and Melodic Rock.

Most bands pre-recorded a performance especially for the festival, while some used their current promotion materials. Coupled with the fact they only featured 1 song per band, this felt more like an episode of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball than an actual music festival, but it was great being exposed to all this new music at once.

Highlights of  Hardpower United Festival

Landfall – “Rush Hour”

Brazilian band that recently released their debut on Frontiers Records. They didn’t bother to deliver a new performance and reused the lyric video for the Mr. Big inspired track – rocking everyone’s socks off as usual. Check out our review of their record here, and our interview with them here.


Electric Mob – “Higher Than Your Heels”

Another Frontiers band from Curitiba, Brazil. Amazing track with even some brass on it, more on the Blues Rock side of hard rock but awesome nonetheless. “The Voice Brazil” contestant Renan Zonta delivers a vocal onslaught worthy of Chris Cornell in the music video for this great track. The video features a popular Brazil comedy character from the post-music era MTV, Boça, created by the same comedy group that gave the world the comedy Metal band Massacration.

Electric Mob

Exxocet – “Cannibal Carnival”

Chilean band mixing classic Hair Metal with more modern Progressive influences. Extreme and Motley Crüe meets W.A.S.P and Saxon. Great “live” performance, each band member in their own home studios but still delivering a very cohesive experience.


L.A. Cobra – “Running Wild “

Awesome hair metal from South Africa, sounds similar to Crazy Lixx. All band members visible at all times in different cameras, a “Zoom” style performance. The vocalist sounds a lot like Vince Neil!

L.A. Cobra

Nanquin – “Why So Good”

Another great Brazilian band playing early 90’s style Hair Metal in the style of Warrant, with catchy choruses and sticky guitar riffs.


Other notable acts on the bill include Portuguese rockers Affaire with “Breaking Point” and Hunter with their Whitesnake-inspired song “Hungry Heart”.

Final Thoughts

The quality of the bands wasn’t really consistent, but there are quite a few hidden gems in there for Hard Rock lovers of every taste. You’re guaranteed a laugh or two as well, as there is no lack of Rock ‘n Roll showmanship on display. Definitely worth a watch (and donation) for the avid Hair Metal fan!


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