FEANOR – Power Of The Chosen One

FEANOR - Power Of The Chosen One
  • 7.9/10
    FEANOR - Power Of The Chosen One - 7.9/10


Label: Massacre Records
Release date: April 23, 2021

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Heavy Metal Odyssey

Under the banner of “True Metal”, Feanor out of Buenos Aires, Argentina brings us their 4th studio album on Massacre Records titled Power Of The Chosen One. Founding members Walter “The Scorpion” Hernandez on guitar, Gustavo Feanor Acosta on bass and Emiliano Wachs (ex-Montreal) on drums have added the talents of David “The Shred Demon” Shankle (David Shankle Group, Devil Land, Holy Tide, ex-Manowar) to complete the lineup with Sven D’Anna (Wizard, ex-Mandragore ) on the vocals.

Old School Recording

The band has proudly produced the new album with no midi drums, no plugins, no synths, just real audio. Add to that a 40-piece choir, a real piano as well as antique instruments for an over-the-top epic metal experience. Power Of The Chosen One was produced by Feanor, and mixed and mastered by Gustavo Feanor Acosta, David Shankle and Sebastian Manta at 448 Studio, insuring that the band would have the sound they wanted from beginning to end.

Feanor band art by Sebastian Japas

Top Tracks

Power Of The Chosen One hits you right in the face from the first track on, with rapid-fire drums over old-school thrash style guitars to let you know this is ‘True Metal’. Add to that the sweeping, anthemic vocals of Sven D’Anna and you have what feels like a throw back to the early days of 80’s Metal. The album includes a very special song, “The Return Of The Metal King”, which is the result of a deep reading, and a scrupulous analysis of the masterpiece “The Odyssey”. With all of the different instrumentation and sounds, the listener is immersed in a variety of states and sensations, ranging from pleasant calm to the fiercest battles. This massive composition takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster ride in the form of a 19 minute long metal magnum opus.

Final Notes

Feanor have given us an album that sounds like it’s from a different time and place. The production has a bit of a raw feel to it, which works for this style of metal. The vocals feel like they ride on top of the music, instead of in it. Overall the production could have been a bit more polished, but that shouldn’t deter fans of the early days of 80s Trash / True Metal. Power Of The Chosen One has more than enough going for it to make it worth adding to your collection.


Sven D’Anna – Vocals
David “The Shred Demon” Shankle – 6/7 Strings Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar
Walter “The Scorpion” Hernandez – Electric Guitar
Gustavo Feanor Acosta – Acoustic Bass, 4/5 Strings Bass, Oud, Piano, Bouzouki
Emiliano Wachs – Drums

Guest Musician

Juan Roleri – Piano on “The Return Of The Metal King”

Power Of The Chosen One – Tracklist

1. Rise Of The Dragon
2. Power Of The Chosen One
3. This You Can Trust
4. Metal Land
5. Hell Is Waiting
6. Together Forever
7. Bringer Of Pain
8. Lost In Battle
9. Fighting For A Dream
10. The Return Of The Metal King (The Odyssey In 9 Parts)

Running Time: 63:25


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