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    IMMORTAL GUARDIAN - Psychosomatic - 9.8/10


M-Theory Audio
Release date: February 12, 2021

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Epic Concept Speaks Volumes

Every now and then an album will come out that just grabs you, making you hear the songs in your head when the album is not playing (possibly for days). Immortal Guardian has done just that with the release of Psychosomatic through M-Theory Audio. The second effort from a band sometimes called Super Metal for the way they meld Power, Neo-Classical, and Prog Metal with Spanish elements into an amazing sound that is way beyond the ordinary. The power and control of Carlos Zema (ex-Outworld) on the vocals is reminiscent of a young Graham Bonnet mixed with Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie should be jealous), but still unique in delivery. The term prodigy comes to mind as you listen to Gabriel Guardian playing the keyboards and guitars, often simultaneously. Rounding out this dream team is incredible Joshua Lopez on the bass, with the phenomenal Justin Piedimonte on the drums.

A Perfect Album for a Crazy Time

Concept albums are a tricky feat to accomplish with the goal to capture the listener from beginning to end, but Immortal Guardian has it figured out. From the opening notes of the title track, the listener is immediately caught in the magic of “Psychosomatic”. The band started the year 2020 with a new album recorded, gigs lined up and touring vehicles all set when covid hit, shutting down all live music. As the band was experiencing the lockdown and a mass of conflicting versions in the media of what was happening, they took inspiration and created a whole new album that musically speaks to the issues we all faced.

Top Tracks

One thing that can be said of Psychosomatic is that it contains no fluff, or B songs that got included near the back of the album. That said, the first song that instantly took hold is the opening title track as Carlos Zema sings “Quarantine can make your mind your enemy” in a super catchy melody. The song “Phobia” might be the best song on the record as every note is perfectly accounted for to perfection in the composing and performance of this epic tune. “Clocks” with it’s Spanish music themes, crying guitars and melodies that invade and become ear worms makes it another standout on an album that shines from beginning to end.

Final Notes

When an album hits all of the marks on composition, musicianship and story telling to a point where the listener becomes a captive audience, then something magical and special happens. The last time this reviewer was hooked on a concept album that they required a binge at least once a day (sometimes more) was the now legendary Operation: Mindcrime by Queensrÿche. Psychosomatic is one of those albums if you are one of those people who love Helloween, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Alcatrazz and Michael Schenker all rolled into one amazing package. Don’t miss out on a great album, get a physical copy and support the music you love.


Gabriel Guardian (Guitars/Keyboards)
Carlos Zema (Vocals)
Joshua Lopez (Bass)
Justin Piedimonte (Drums)

Psychosomatic – Tracklist

1. Psychosomatic
2. Read Between the Lines
3. Lockdown
4. Phobia
5. Clocks
6. Self-Isolation
7. Goodbye to Farewells
8. Candlelight
9. Find A Reason
10. New Day Rising

Album Length: 52:06


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