IRON SAVIOR – Skycrest

IRON SAVIOR - Skycrest
  • 8/10
    IRON SAVIOR - Skycrest - 8/10


AFM Records
Release date: December 4, 2020

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9.5/10 (1 vote)

The Backstory

The “Big 4” of Thrash Metal title has gone to Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. There’s always debate about about who the next band in line would be. Some say Testament, others say Exodus. What if there was a “Big 4” of German Power Metal? There’s a good chance the four bands in contention would be Blind Guardian, Helloween, Gamma Ray, and Primal Fear. Now, who would that fifth band be? Hands down it’s Iron Savior. Hamburg, Germany’s Iron Savior was founded in 1996 initially as a solo project of vocalist Piet Sieleck. Skycrest is the band’s 12th studio album.

The Album

“Skycrest” is lead by a thunderous double kick drum. Piet Sielck’s vocals are full of melody and intensity. Iron Savoir shines with group harmonies during the chorus. “Our Time Has Come” is a rather upbeat track for a story about the end of the world. Patrick Klose’s drum fury continues here. Joachim “Piesel” Küstner shows off with his frantic soloing during the break. “Hellbreaker” sounds like an unlikely hero is marching into battle. “Soul Eater” is dominated by Jan S. Eckert’s deep bass and Sielck’s chugga-chugga riffage. You can’t beat a good ‘whoa ooooh oh” section.

“Welcome to the New World” adds progressive elements to Iron Savior’s brand of Power Metal. The song is a reflection of the worst parts of our society today. The next two songs indicate that Sielck may have been watching a bit of television while in lockdown. “The Can Only Be One” is definitely inspired by the greatest worst movie from 1986, Highlander. The lyrics are pulled straight from the movie’s plot. Of course this song is full of much more heroic energy than the song Queen contributed to the movie. “Silver Bullet” hits you at break-neck speeds and it is about the best way to kill a werewolf. An American Werewolf in London perhaps? No matter what musical chaos is happening around Sielck, his vocals remain focused and melodic.

The anthemic “Raise the Flag” is full of power chords and thumping bass. It’s a call to arms against the band’s detractors and the way metalheads are perceived. “Ease Your Pain” is a touching power ballad about someone dying, trying to put the loved one they are leaving behind at ease. It is accented by clean guitars and soft background strings. A great song, but it does kill the energy of the album to this point. Iron Savoir could have gotten away without having a ballad.

The Verdict

Skycrest is equal parts despair mixed with equal parts hope, set to a big-budget action movie score. If you like your Power Metal bombastic and in-your-face, look no further.



  1. The Guardian
  2. Skycrest
  3. Our Time Has Come
  4. Hellbreaker
  5. Souleater
  6. Welcome To The New World
  7. There Can Be Only One
  8. Silver Bullet
  9. Raise The Flag
  10. End Of The Rainbow
  11. Ease Your Pain
  12. Ode To The Brave |

Iron Savior is

Piet Sielck – Vocals, Guitars
Joachim “Piesel” Küstner – Guitars
Jan S. Eckert – Bass
Patrick Klose – Drums


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