GUNNER – Back 4 More

GUNNER - Back 4 More
  • 5.5/10
    GUNNER - Back 4 More - 5.5/10


Lions Pride Music
Release date: November 30, 2020

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The Backstory

Hailing for Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gunner formed in 2003. Back then they were known as Gunner Sixx. They have released two ’80s inspired albums; 2013’s Keep Fighting and 2016’s All Access. Now signed to Lions Pride Music, Gunner released their third album Back 4 More on November 30, 2020.

The Album

The opening track “Back for More” starts with a revving engine and a musical groove that reminds you of playing Sega’s Outrun at the arcade in the late ’80s. When Oscar Muguertegui’s vocals kick it sounds like he’s holding a lot back, causing the track to fall flat. The rapid-fire drums of Gustavo Jaime and pulsing keyboards of Marcos Prevalil dominate “Faster Than Lightening.” Once again, Oscar seems out of his element. Don’t worry, he redeems himself. “Sunset Kiss” is full of power riffs and soft keys that remind you of a hot summer night. This mid-tempo ballad lights a fire under Oscar as he hits all the right melodies and emotion points.

Rodrigo Bugallo makes his guitar licks and solos sound so easy on “Begging Love.” Gunner’s group harmonies on the chorus are catchy and smooth. “Liar” sounds straight out of 1985 with it’s slow build, keyboard accents, and over-the-top chorus. “Cold Nights” sounds very similar to “Liar” with a more subdued yet melodic chorus. What would an ’80s inspired album be without a ballad named after a woman? “Delilah” replicates those ’80 power ballads you grew up on with its syrupy sweetness. “Street Kid” could be the hero’s theme song of a Van Damme action film from back in the day.

The Verdict

Gunner definitely have the ’80s look and presentation going for them. From their aged album cover to their tight pants and long teased hair. As far as the music goes, they are far from the overly-produced anthems and ballads of the ’80. The music on Back 4 More is reminiscent of old ’80s arcade games and ’80s movie soundtracks. However, it would be sounds from the off-brand video games and B-Movie, maybe C-Movie soundtracks. There are certainly signs on this album that Gunner can do better.


Gunner is:

Rodrigo Bugallo – Guitars
Marcos Prevalil – Keyboards
Sam Carabajal – Bass
Oscar Muguertegui – Vocals
Gustavo Jaime – Drums


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